Lend a bike to a delegate

Do you have an extra bike or two hanging around your garage? Consider lending a bike or bikes to delegates visiting our cities during the congress. Sharing a bike with a delegate means they can ride in the bike parade and truly experience winter cycling in the Twin Cities. Follow the instructions below to list your bike on Spinlister – think Airbnb but for bikes – it takes less than 3 minutes!

  1. Take a photo of your bike
  2. Follow THIS link to the website where you can list as many bicycles as you want!

If you list your bicycle on Spinlister and would like to make it available only for the WCC you can change your availability calendar to reflect that. Click on your profile icon at Spinlister.com and choose Availability Calendar. From there you can select the dates and times your bicycle will be available!

As a bonus, people who list a bike on Spinlister for #WCC16, get $10 off next time they rent a bike from someone else with discount code: WCC16.

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