Financial Aid

We need diverse ideas to make winter cycling the norm among people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. The Winter Cycling Congress 2016 Minneapolis-Saint Paul organizing committee has been raising funds so that we can support people who wish to contribute to the dialogue but face economic barriers.

Financial aid will be focused on three groups:

  1. People who are a part of or work with groups that are disproportionately affected by health problems.
  2. International speakers with experience and best practices to share from cities where mode share for cycling is high in the winter.
  3. Student speakers who wish to share research relevant to the theme and tracks included in this conference, please refer to the Call for Contributions for more detail.

What kind of financial aid is available?

Admission: Fee may be discounted or waived

Accommodations: Hotel may be covered or individual may be matched with a local host offering a homestay.

Travel: Stipends are available to offset travel. International recipients may be awarded up to 500 USD and domestic recipients may be awarded up to 300 USD. We will also work to match people coming from the same city, when car-pooling is an option.

How to apply?

If you wish to apply, here’s what we ask you to provide.

  • Designate the category you fall into (see above)
  • Why do you want to attend (300 words)?
  • Statement of Need (300 words). It is helpful if applicants indicate their area of greatest need – admission, accommodation or travel – and amount needed.

NOTE, Categories 2-3 must submit abstract, category 3 may submit if applicable (750 words)

If you wish to apply, please write out your answers before submitting.  You cannot save the form and complete later. Applications are due by midnight on SUNDAY, 18 OCTOBER.

Financial Aid Application

Financial Aid Application